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Creating unforgettable moments begins with the perfect setting, and at GTA Dance Floors, we specialize in transforming your events, weddings, and celebrations into seamless, visually stunning experiences.

Seating Charts

Navigate your guests effortlessly with our beautifully designed seating charts. Choose from a variety of styles and layouts that complement your event’s aesthetic, providing both form and function.

Welcome Signs

Make a statement from the moment your guests arrive with our eye-catching welcome signs. Whether it’s a classic design or a personalized creation, our signs set the tone for a memorable experience.

Why Choose

GTA Dance Floors?

Impeccable Craftsmanship: Our seating charts and welcome signs are crafted with precision and passion. Every detail is considered, ensuring a flawless presentation that reflects the uniqueness of your event.

Customization at Its Finest: At GTA Dance Floors, we understand that every event is special. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable options to match your theme, color scheme, and personal style. From elegant calligraphy to modern designs, we bring your vision to life.

Unparalleled Quality: We believe in delivering excellence. Our products are made using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a polished finish. Your seating charts and welcome signs will be cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Stress-Free Experience: Planning an event can be overwhelming, but with GTA Dance Floors, it doesn’t have to be. Our user-friendly ordering process and attentive customer service make it easy for you to focus on the joy of your celebration while we take care of the details.

We also design custom dance floors, beautiful monograms, eye catching backdrops. And lets not forget about our custom stage wraps.

Ready to transform your event into a visual masterpiece?

Partner with GTA Dance Floors and let your performance shine.

Elegant and unique welcome signs that set the tone for your even
Create a lasting first impression with our high-quality and customizable welcome signs
add a touch of luxury to any event
Create a lasting first impression with our high-quality and customizable welcome signs
Our welcome signs are designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests
Choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and materials

Seating charts and welcome signs are versatile additions to a variety of events, helping to enhance the overall guest experience and create a polished, organized atmosphere.

Here are some types of events where the use of seating charts and welcome signs can be particularly beneficial:


Guide guests to their designated tables with elegance and make a memorable first impression with a personalized welcome sign at the entrance.

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a conference, seminar, or corporate dinner, seating charts can facilitate networking and ensure a smooth flow of the event. Welcome signs can also display the corporate logo and set the tone for professionalism.

Galas and Fundraisers

Add a touch of sophistication to fundraising events with stylish seating charts and welcome signs. They help in creating an organized and visually appealing environment for donors and guests.

Banquets and Award Ceremonies

Ensure that each guest is seated appropriately at banquets or award ceremonies using detailed seating charts. Welcome signs can set the tone for the evening and provide a warm welcome.

Private Parties

From milestone birthdays to anniversary celebrations, seating charts can help optimize space and ensure guests are comfortably seated. Welcome signs can add a personalized touch to private gatherings.

Concerts and Performances

For larger events, particularly those with assigned seating, seating charts are essential to guide attendees to their seats. Welcome signs can enhance the overall atmosphere of the venue.


Create an organized and celebratory atmosphere at graduation ceremonies with seating charts for families and friends. Welcome signs can add a festive touch to the entrance.

Cultural and Religious Celebrations

Whether it’s a cultural festival, religious ceremony, or holiday celebration, seating charts and welcome signs can contribute to the overall decorum and organization of the event.

Trade Shows and Expos

For larger gatherings, seating charts can be useful in designated areas for workshops or presentations. Welcome signs can also guide attendees to different sections of the event.

Destination Events

For events in unique venues or outdoor locations, seating charts and welcome signs are essential for helping guests navigate the space and feel welcomed.

In essence, the use of seating charts and welcome signs can elevate the guest experience and contribute to the overall ambiance of a wide range of events, making them more organized, visually appealing, and memorable.

Ready to welcome your guests with style and elegance?

Partner with GTA Dance Floors and let your performance shine.

If you are having a wedding, corporate event, social event or a special occasion we can create your custom décor

We take your event to the next level!